Scholarships Managed and Administered by the Foundation

About Our Scholarships

Community Foundation Donor Scholarships

The Community Foundation is home to more than 20 scholarship funds awarding scholarships annually to high school graduates whom reside in San Benito County. These funds are held by individuals, families, and committees. Scholarships are awarded every year to motivated students pursuing their higher education goals. With financial assistance, we hope to lessen the burden of the cost of tuition, books, supplies, and living expenses for these students pursuing their goals and taking steps to achieve their dreams.


List of our Scholarships

Our scholarship applications for 2022 have now closed! The deadline to apply was March 13, 2022.

Scholarships Managed by the Community Foundation

Latino Generation Scholarships

Latino Generations Scholarship Committee awards scholarships to Latinx students residing in San Benito County that will be attending either a two-year or four-year university or a certified vocational training institute. Visit the Latino Generation Scholarships page to apply.

Additional Scholarships

The following Community Foundation scholarships can be applied through San Benito High School. Contact San Benito High School College and Career Specialist Mary Andrade at [email protected] or visit the San Benito High School scholarship section under their website:

  • Adam Baxter Memorial Scholarship
  • Charlie Presser Memorial Scholarship
  • Charlotte Cabral Scholarship
  • Class of 1971 Scholarship
  • Franca Barsi Memorial Scholarship
  • Hope for a Cure Educational Memorial Scholarship
  • John and Jean M Barret Scholarship
  • Kelly Freitas Memorial Scholarship
  • Kenny Fehlman Scholarship
  • Klauer Family Young Leadership Scholarship
  • Latino Generations Scholarship
  • Mike and Marie Pera Memorial Scholarship
  • Rotary Club Hollister Diane Memorial Scholarship
  • Ruben and Frances Cantu Scholarship
  • Women's Club of Hollister Scholarship

Full List of Our Scholarship Funds

-Adam Baxter Scholarship Fund

-Baler Scholarship Fund

-Charlotte Cabral Scholarship Fund

-Charlie Presser Memorial Fund

-Class of 1977 Scholarship Fund

-Franca Barsi Memorial Scholarship

-Frank & Agata Felice Family Scholarship Fund

-Hollister Prep School Scholarship and Enrichment Fund

-Hope for a Cure Memorial Scholarship

-Jaynie K. Little Memorial Fund

-Jean B. Gilaspie Memorial Scholarship Fund

-John L. Barrett and Jean M. Barrett Scholarship Fund

-Kelly Freitas Memorial

-Kenny Fehlman Scholarship Fund

-Klauer Family Young Leader Scholarship Fund

-Latino Generations Scholarship Fund

-Martha Metzger Find Arts Scholarship Fund

-Matt Lopez Scholarship Fund

-Mike and Marie Pera Memorial Scholarship

-Rotary Scholarship FundSan Benito County

-Winegrowers Scholarship

-Teressie White Memorial Scholarship Foundation

-The Ruben F. and Frances T. Cantu Scholarship

-Timothy Conley Baldwin Fund

-William Burton Nichols Memorial Scholarship Fund