Foundation Committees

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Serving Our County

Foundation board members and community leaders, serving on our committees, offer their expert advice on programs and operational issues affecting the Foundation. We're always looking for dedicated and knowledgeable

community members to help shape the direction of San Benito County. Contact us to lend your time, expertise, and knowledge.

Our Committees

Grants Committee

Made up of San Benito County community-oriented residents, this committee meets once a month and researches grant requests and determines the dispersal of grant monies to local nonprofit organizations.

Committee Members:

Larry Barr, Richard Bianchi, Paula Bonilla, Alan Clark, Marilyn Ferraro, Dohn Larson, Rebecca Medeiros Wolf, Yvette Papenhausen, Judy Rodriguez, Allison Rohnert, Will Sutton, Marian Tobias, Ramona Trevino, and Gerry Wright

Women’s Fund Advisory Committee

Made up of board members, Community Foundation staff and community volunteers, the Women’s Fund Advisory committee actively enhances the lives and opportunities for women and girls living in our county through programs and services.

Committee Members:

Mary Casillas, Annette Gutierrez, Fran Fitzharris, Kathy Kessler, Mary McCullough, Beverley Meamber, Lynda Robinson, Judy Rodriguez, Kathleen Sheridan, Dr. Kathleen Rose, Linda Smith, Loree Van Bebber, Bonnie Voropaeff, Brenda Weatherly, and Shannon Wilkinson.

Latino Generations Committee

The Latino Generations committee supports efforts to increase Latino participation, leadership, and effective engagement by empowering individuals. Made up of Latino community leaders, the committee meets the last Tuesday of every month.

Committee Members:

Hilda Baldovinos, Larry Barr, Vince Brigantino, Ana Maria De Alba, Kathy Flores, Lupe Maldonado, Chang So, Pauline Valdivia, and Jose Zepeda

National Philanthropy Day Committee

Made up of Community Foundation board members and local nonprofit leaders, this committee is responsible for producing our signature event, National Philanthropy Day Awards Dinner. This event allows area nonprofit organizations to honor philanthropists who give so much of their time and talent back to our community. This committee meets once a month beginning in April.

Committee Members:

Jessica Brem, Gary Byrne, Nenette Corotto, Esther Curtice, Vicki Fortino, Beverley Meamber, Jill Pagaran, Becca King Reed, and Sharlene Van Rooy

Asset Development Committee

Comprised of rotating board members, the CEO, Community Foundation staff, and Community members, the Asset Development Committee creates strategies and practices that advance the growth of the Community Foundation’s Endowment Funds.

Committee Members:

Margie Barrios, Pamela Brown, Gillian Enz, Renee Kunz, Phil Fortino, Sandra Hughes, Chang So, Mike Waller, Beth Welch, and Alexis Winder

Finance Committee

These community leaders play a critical role in protecting and growing the Community Foundation’s investment portfolio and ensuring it’s managed prudently for the good of the community.

Committee Members:

Gary Byrne, Alan Clark, Dolores Dribnak, Damon Felice, Phil Fortino, Joe Garcia, Connie Glosser, Mike Grace, Joe Paul Gonzalez, Brent Redmond, and Alexis Winder

Audit Committee

Acting on behalf of the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee oversees all material aspects of the organization’s financial reporting, internal control, and audit functions.

Committee Members:

Gary Byrne, Ron Dominguez, Fernando Gonzalez, Connie Glosser, Mike Grace, Kyle Sharp, and Bill Tiffany.