Our Benefactors

The Bedrock of
San Benito County

Many dedicated businesses and individuals donate recurring annual gifts of $2,500 or more. These Sustaining Benefactors are invaluable partners of the Foundation, helping to maintain our ongoing work.

2023 Sustaining Benefactors

We are profoundly grateful for our Sustaining Benefactors and their continued generosity.

Chang & Hannah So

Joy Law

Fernando Gonzalez

Stephen Hudner

The Brigantino Family

Dr. Martin & Rhoda Bress

J. Patrick & Kozean Wright

Damon & Lisa Filice

Golden Memorial Insurance Service, Inc.

Our Founding Benefactors

Established by the board of the Community Foundation in 2000, the people and businesses who make up our Founding Benefactors gave $2,500 or more to launch the Community Foundation’s grantmaking work. We are deeply grateful to all of them for their vision and dedication to San Benito County.

100 Founding Benefactors

Dick and Ann Anderson
Anonymous (3)
Steve and Nancy Bareilles
J. Peter Baumgartner
Bob and Crystel Bianchi
William Bianchi
Hugh and Jacqueline Bikle
Nick and Aileen Boffa
Paul and Christine Breen
Dave and Dixie Brigantino
Ralph and Mary Ellen Brigantino
Vince and Denise Brigantino
Bill Cagney
Calera Wine Company
Sallie Calhoun and Matt Christiano
Calvista Insurance Agency, Inc.
Gary and Theresa Carlisle
Manuel and Helen Casillas
Alan and Bonnie Clark
Community Foundation for Monterey County
Donald and Nenette Corotto
Jim and Kathy Dassel
Lydia Dassel
Ted and Mari Davis
Ron and Joan Domingues
El Rancho San Benito, LLC
Donald and Janice Elliott
Dean Eyre, Jr.
Richard and Marilyn Ferreira
Kay Filice
Julie Filizetti
Tim and Nants Foley

Arnold and Terry Fontes
Phil and Vicki Fortino
Bernie and Judy Furman
Rick and Annette Giacomazzi
Jim Gibson
Ken and Jill Gimelli
Fernando Gonzalez
Michael and Bette Grace, Sr.
Thomas and Patricia Grant
Frank and Joyce Guerra
Douglas and Olivia Halley
Hollister Moving and Storage
Bruce and Donna Howe
Dori Hoyle
Stephen Hudner
Stu and Peggy Kingman
Don and Teri Klein
L+G, LLP Attorneys at Law
Bill and Ann Ladd
Joy Law
Paul and Betty Levy
Graham and Cindy Mackie
Jeff and Claire Mallett
Don and Kristy Marcus
Ray and Pat Mariottini
Norma Martinetti
Fred and Helen Matteson
Gerald and Mary McCullough
Martha Eyre McDaniel
Steve and Jeanne Merrell
Jeff and Susan Modic
Monterey Private Wealth, Inc.

Richard and Anne Morris
Martha Moses
Fernando and Nancy Oliveira
Frances Palmtag
Loren "Sonny" Paullus
Jim Paxton
Steve and Sandi Perricone
Ray and Peggy Pierce
Leonard and Beverly Poletti
Martin Rajkovich
Allison Rohnert
George and Sandy Rose
Rotary Club of Hollister
Barbara Sabbatini
San Benito Bank
San Benito Land Title Corp.
John and Donna Sander
Franz and Mary Schneider
Martha Schwabacher
Rick and Angela Shelton
Ron and Dee Siletto
Ed and Roya Singleton
Hank and Ann So
Ed and Michele Stephenson
Robert and Beverly Stratton
Tanimura & Antle, Inc.
Bob and Kathy Tiffany
Velma Tiffany
True Leaf Farms, LLP
Randy and Rebecca Wolf
Jim and Deborah Wood