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Be a Community Champion – Establish Your Fund

For over two decades, we’ve helped community-minded people reach their philanthropic goals. We offer simple giving solutions tailored to your values, goals, and personal financial circumstances. We provide an easy and flexible way to meet your giving goals by establishing a charitable fund. Gifts to your fund may include bequests, cash, stock, real estate, life insurance, charitable remainder and lead trust, and other assets.

With your fund, you have the ability to give to a wide variety of charities and causes. You have the freedom to change charities should your interests change. Nonprofits may use their endowed fund as a permanent unrestricted revenue stream to forever serve their mission and purpose.


Begin Your Legacy Today

Many people build their funds over several years, timing contributions to fit their personal and financial plans. You may wish to start a fund with an initial outright gift of cash, securities, or other marketable assets, supplementing it later with additional gifts and/or through a life income plan or bequest.

To learn more about our donor advised fund options, please contact Brenda Weatherly, Director of Donor and Community Services.

Types of Funds

Find Your Focus

Unrestricted Endowments

These funds produce annual income used to meet community priorities as they arise. Grants are awarded to organizations throughout the Foundation's grants program. Benefits include:

  • Funds are held in perpetuity
  • Anonymity or recognition, as desired, by the donor
  • Grants accommodate changing community needs over time, ensuring positive impact for generations

Donor Advised Endowments

Annual distributions are made from these funds based on advice from the donor. Benefits include:

  • Donors retain the right to suggest specific projects in their field of interest
  • Administrative and tax complexities of a private foundation is avoided
  • Application of funds are controlled by the donor

Scholarship Funds

Scholarships funds enable students to pursue traditional higher education or vocational training. Benefits include:

  • Income provides annual scholarships forever
  • Funds can honor or memorialize an individual or family Funds can serve a specific purpose important to the donor

Agency Endowment Funds

Nonprofit organizations establish agency endowments that are held and managed by the Foundation. Benefits include:

  • Earnings are distributed to the nonprofit each year, providing a permanent source of income
  • Funds are invested as part of a larger pool, thereby earning greater returns
  • Administrative headaches of investing and managing the funds is reduced

Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest funds allow donors to support broad areas such as youth, seniors, the arts, education, environmental causes, and others. Benefits include:

  • Annual income supports the community's most pressing needs in the donor's specified field of interest
  • Donations are pooled from many donors to enable maximum impact in a specific field of interest

Donor Advised Pass-Through Funds (non-endowed)

These funds enable donors to give a specific amount of money to their favorite charities through the Community Foundation. Benefits include:

  • Favorable tax treatment
  • Funds may be directed by the donor, but donated anonymously through the Community Foundation
  • Funds may be directed to multiple organizations

Family Heritage Endowment Funds

These philanthropic vehicles provide the greatest flexibility, including freedom from administrative details and maximum tax deductions. Benefits include:

  • Family recommended charitable giving
  • A legacy for the community