Welcome to

The Epicenter

A Space for Collaboration and Generation of Powerful Ideas

Our Mission

The Epicenter has been designed to be a space to house nonprofit organizations serving San Benito County. This space will foster and encourage collaboration between the many organizations serving our diverse community. Colocation provides a powerful way for nonprofit leaders to connect, support and inspire each other to address the needs of our community.


Take a Virtual Tour

We had wonderful photos and an amazing 3D video of our building created by Isidro Trujillo. The 3D video acts as a virtual tour, so you can take a look at the inside of the Epicenter right from your screen!


Reserve a Meeting Room

Our meeting rooms were designed with the intent to allow nonprofits, service organizations, and other groups within our community to have a place they are able to work, as a means to help them in continuing their mission and purpose in serving our county and residents.


Plan an Event

The San Andreas Conference Room is open to nonprofit, community, and service organizations for hosting small events.


Building Built on Giving

The two-story, 10,000 sq. ft. building was constructed by local builders Darin and Derek Del Curto of Del Curto Brothers Construction.

This project was made possible by a generous gift from Randy and Rebecca Wolf. All of our furnishings were also donated to us by 11 generous families and individuals.


New Neighbors Coming Soon!

Our building is a beautiful architectural asset from all vantage points. And, we excitedly anticipate our neighboring multi-use building that will further add to Downtown vitality with retail, office, and a restaurant space as well as 8 condominiums for downtown living.

Esther Curtice, CASA of San Benito County Executive Director

“This will be a space for many to use!”

– Esther Curtice, CASA of San Benito County Executive Director