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Meeting Rooms

The Epicenter has 4 rooms for nonprofits, community, and service organizations to gather together for meetings. If you are interested in reserving a meeting room, please read the information below and complete the Meeting Room Request Form.

If you have any questions, please call 831-630-1924 or email [email protected].

Check Room Availability.

Meetings that are more than 20 people or require access to the patio will be considered an event. Please visit our Plan an Event page to request the San Andreas room.

San felipe

San Felipe Meeting Room
-Lower floor in the Community Foundation area.
-Seats small groups of 4-6 people.
-Available from 8AM-5PM.

San benito

San Benito Board Room
-Lower floor to the left of the reception desk.
-Seats larger groups 10-16 people.

San juan

San Juan Meeting Room
-Upper floor, right of the stairs/left of the elevator.
-Seats 6-8 people.
-Available from 8AM-5PM.

san andreas

San Andreas Conference Room
-Lower floor, left of the reception desk.
-Seats 18-50 depending on set up.

General Guidelines

Room Rates

Meetings rooms are free of charge to nonprofits, community groups, and service organizations for meetings, trainings, or workshops; however, donations to cover the costs of maintaining the building are greatly appreciated.

Meetings held outside of normal business hours may be subject to a $25 reimbursement charge should the key administered not be returned within a week after the meeting.

Key Pick Up

Epicenter building hours are from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday. After hours, our building doors automatically lock.

Meetings scheduled after hours will require a key fob. Organizations must assign a person of contact that is responsible for picking up the key the week of the meeting, arriving early to the meeting to allow in guests, and leave the key fob in the drop box at the reception desks.

Failure to return a fob within a week after the meeting will result in a $25 charge to the organization for reimbursement.


Parking available anywhere on the street as long as it's within the 3 hour parking time. Cars may also park in the Briggs Building parking garage. You must enter the parking garage from the alley entrance on Monterey Street.

Room Set Up

You are responsible to inform the Epicenter Manager of necessary set up needs for your meeting, especially of those held in the Conference Room.

If you are using the A/V equipment and/or WIFI, you are welcome to test the equipment prior to your meeting. We advise, for meetings requiring tech use, to schedule your meeting for at least 45 minutes before in order to conduct proper testing.

Guests Entering

During business hours, guests may come in through the front door of the Epicenter. Guests will be escorted to the appropriate room by the front desk attendee.

After business hours, it is the responsibility of the organization's representative that picked up the key to come early enough to open the front door (which will continue to automatically lock when closed) and allow guests to enter the building, as well as escort them to the reserved meeting room. You must not use any type of door stopper to keep the doors open. You are responsible for managing who comes in and out of the building during your meeting period.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages may be served, however, all food and beverages must be removed immediately upon the conclusion of your event. Please do not leave any food in the refrigerator or in the kitchenette. You are responsible for your own catering arrangements.

Meetings serving alcoholic beverages may be subject to submitting a form with proof of insurance.


The Epicenter is a smoke-free environment. There is no smoking in the building or on the building grounds.

Clean up

You are responsible for general clean-up after your meeting. Cleaning supplies are available in the kitchenette. Return the room as you found it. If food has been served, tables and counters should be wiped and trash emptied into the trash cans located in the break room. Do not leave any food in the meeting rooms or kitchenette area.

A clean-up check list is provided for your convenience.

Clean up Checklist:

  • Food and beverages removed
  • Tables wiped down
  • Trash emptied into outside dumpster
  • Tables and chairs returned to original set up
  • A/V equipment shut down
  • After everyone leaves, turn on alarm


If damages occur while using the Epicenter, the organization using it will be held liable.

By booking and using the space, the organization or individual using it hereby fully discharges and agrees to indemnify the Community Foundation for San Benito County and the Epicenter for any and all known claims of liability, including but not limited to all death or deaths of or any injury of injuries to any person or property, that are asserted against the Community Foundation for San Benito County and Epicenter arising upon said premises or from its use of the space.

By hosting a meeting at the Epicenter, you are agreeing to all of the above claims.