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Scholarships Administered by the Community Foundation

Timothy Conley Baldwin Leadership Scholarship
Congratulations to our 2020 recipient Ricardo Nunez!

Timothy Conley Baldwin STEM Scholarship
Opening in Spring 2021

Scholarships using the "Common Scholarship Application" from SBHS Career Center

These scholarships are completed with the following:
- San Benito County High School Student Common Scholarship Application
-3 letter of recommendation (one from a staff member who teaches in the area of the applicant's talent, one from another staff member, and one from a community member)
-Personal Statement (11/2-2 pages double spaced)
-Transcript (official (where specified) or unofficial)
-Activity Sheet
-Additional essay(s) (where specified)

Adam Baxter Memorial Scholarship - Graduating male senior at SBHS

Charlie Presser Memorial Scholarship - Applicant plans on attending a trade/technical school

Class of 1971 Scholarship The deadline is Spring 2021

Martha Metzger Fine Arts Scholarship Now open! The deadline is Spring 2021

Kenny Fehlman Scholarship

Matt Lopez Memorial Scholarship