Ways to Donate

Give to Your Heart’s Desires

Help your neighbors by giving where you live. We invite you to help make San Benito County a vibrant place for everyone who lives here. Your donation will make you feel good. By giving to your personal area of interest, you add value and improve the quality of life for the present and future generations. 

Whether we work here, have our business here, or raise our family here, we are proud to call San Benito County our home. Leave a lasting impact through your generosity.

Planned Giving

Create a Long Lasting Impact

A planned gift is the easiest way to create your legacy and may be made in a donor’s lifetime or at death to help ensure the future of San Benito County. It’s often part of the donor’s overall financial and/or estate planning.


Become a Friend of the Community Foundation

Join others in building a permanent legacy for the future of San Benito County.


Give Time

Nothing is as personal as the gift of time. We help local nonprofits fill leadership roles and enlist staff. If you have a strong desire to become involved with the community by donating your time, contact us to discuss opportunities that are meaningful to you. View our Committees page and find out how you can get involved.

Funds We Steward

Find Your Area of Passion

We oversee six Specialty Funds, and gives grants within several areas of interest. Discover the funds or passions that are most important to you.