Women’s Fund of the Community Foundation for SBC

Inspiring Women and Girls of San Benito County

The Women’s Fund is the first full-spectrum fund in our community dedicated to serving a broad range of issues for women and girls in San Benito County.

Those on the committee are committed to advancing the status of women and girls and provides grant support and leadership opportunities.


Our Mission

The Women's Fund is determined to empower women through education, resources, and funding to achieve equity, self-sufficiency, and well-being.

We envision a community where women have a respected, influential, equitable voice and where women create a legacy of empowerment for future generations.


Invest in the Future

Your support of the Women's Fund will help ensure that women in our community continue to be empowered through education and access to resources, creating a thriving community for many women to come.


Stay in Touch!

For up-to-date information, follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

We are also always looking for passionate, dedicated individuals to volunteer on a committee or host an informal gathering to promote the Women’s Fund.


Five Guiding Stars

  • Create a Legacy of Empowerment for women
  • Be sensitive to Gender and Inclusivity
  • Be Educational
  • Be open to new ideas
  • Raise the Visibility of the Women's Fund

Women’s Fund Origins

This fund first started in 2012, and was made possible due to the generous support of the Women's Fund Founders. These individuals, community groups, and businesses are remarkable champions for women and girls in San Benito County.

Sallie Calhoun, Nenette Corotto, Delta Kappa Gamma, Beverly Meamber, Mary McCullough, Anne Morris, Susan Schwabacher Modic, San Benito Bene, Rebecca Medeiros Wolf, Women's Club of Hollister

Since 2012, the Women's Fund has awarded 18 grants to local nonprofits, totaling over $161,000.

Kathleen Sheridan, Women's Fund Donor and Committee Member

“I believe that the salvation of both the planet and the human race lies in raising thoughtful, compassionate and educated human beings. For now, this is the realm and the power of women. Save the women, save the world.”

– Kathleen Sheridan, Women's Fund Donor and Committee Member