Sonny Paullus Grants Fund

Supporting Nonprofits in San Benito County

After witnessing local charitable funds being directed out of the county, Sonny Paullus recognized a need to meet the philanthropic needs in our community. His personal gift helped establish the Sonny Paullus Grants Fund to support 501(c)3 organizations with the common vision of improving the quality of life in San Benito County.

Donations to the Sonny Paullus Grants Fund are used to create grants we've labeled "Community Impact Grants." These grants are annually awarded to nonprofits serving San Benito County that strive to make a positive impact on our community through continuing their mission goals and undertaking new projects.

Make an Impact

Donate to the Sonny Paullus Board Grants Fund to spread your giving across multiple San Benito County organizations. This fund is perfect if you want your generosity to address a broad spectrum of needs.


Previous Awardees

For a list of the 2021 Community Impact grant recipients, visit the bottom of our grants page.