Board Funds

Board funds are created by the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors to address operating expenses, reserve needs, and general management of the foundation. Funds are also created for general board-directed grants.

List of Board Funds

-Board Administrative Reserve Fund

-Board General Endowment (SVCF)

-Community Engagement Grants Fund

-Community Foundation Operating Fund

-Epicenter Operating Fund

-Janet Graham Endowment Fund

-Meals for Heroes: Hospital Essential

-Workers Meal Program

-Memorials Fund

-Sonny Paullus Grants Fund

-Latino Generations Endowment Fund

-Martin Rajkovich Children’s Fund

-Women’s Fund Endowment

-COVID-19 Relief Fund

-Culinary Hospitatlity Foundation Fund of SBC

Sonny Paullus Grants Fund

This Board directed fund is used to award matching grants to nonprofit organizations who apply to receive funding for projects and/or programs that create a positive impact in our community. Any nonprofit providing services to San Benito County residents may apply. The Community Foundation usually manages an annual grant cycle for this purpose.

The Sonny Paullus Grants Fund is named after Founding Board Member and Ridgemark developer, Loren Franklin “Sonny” Paullus, who was instrumental in the creation of the Community Foundation for San Benito County. With a gift from his estate, the Foundation set up the grants fund. Paullus was a visionary in our community and recognized the need to keep philanthropy local by providing the mechanism to do so.

Martin Rajkovich Children’s Fund

Through the generosity of benefactor, Martin Rajkovich, children experiencing chronic and/or life threatening critical illness may receive a grant to enhance their quality of life and well-being. This bequested fund is permanently endowed with the sole purpose of bringing joy and comport to illness stricken children and their families who reside in San Benito County. This fund has helped families cover the cost of special equipment, special therapies, and ‘Make-A-Wish’ type family outings

that the families, themselves, were unable to financially cover. This fund also provides grants to organizations supporting and providing services to these children and their families