August 23, 2019 | Events

Effect Change with Your Gift to the Community Foundation

Effect Change with Your Gift to the Community Foundation

"Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference." — Kathy Calvin

The Community Foundation is participating in San Benito GIVES with two causes: the Latino Generations Endowment Fund and the Community Impact Matching Grant Fund.

The Foundation established the Latino Generations Endowment in 2013, a permanent revenue source to invest in the most pressing needs facing the Latino community. Data from the Census Bureau estimates that Latinos make up 60.6% of the population in San Benito County with a median household income close to half that of non-Latinos. The Latino Generations Endowment Fund serves as a sustainable launching platform aimed at helping reduce disparities across the county. Your gift will help close the gap in advancement, achievement, and economic well-being of Latinos, now and into the future.

There are more than 150 nonprofits who provide programs and services in San Benito County, and you can help them to effect change at a local level with your gift to the Community Impact Matching Grant Fund. Nonprofits have received regular funding from the Community Foundation since 2000, and in the past five years, the Foundation has awarded 355 grants totaling $2,372,729. Through these grants, the generosity of donors reaches all fields of interest, and your gift will lead to lasting happiness, for yourself and the receiver.

San Benito GIVES is an annual 24-hour, online fundraiser that promotes philanthropic action on a large scale, and is powered by social media and collaboration between nonprofits. More than 1000 donors have participated in the past, connecting their passion with a cause that meets their charitable giving goals. Join us on September 10th for this local day of giving–connect your power of giving with our commitment to making a difference. Read more about these two important causes at San Benito GIVES, and share your generosity.