Scholarships for Students

Valuable Academic Support for College-Bound Students

Every student who visits this site has a different story, but the question is always the same, “How am I going to pay for higher education?" The Sallie Mae report, How America Pays for College, found that parents contribute 34% to the higher education financial pie; 28% is covered by scholarships and grants; and 24% is paid for by loans.

Here in San Benito County students are blessed to receive support from the community through a variety of scholarships and resources. The Community Foundation hopes this will instill a greater sense of belonging and provide additional motivation to make it through the next several years of education.


Investing in the education of San Benito County’s Latino community

Many young, courageous, and intellectual individuals in San Benito County are willing to overcome challenges and obstacles toward their pursuit of a college degree, but they don’t have the necessary funds to achieve their dream. By supporting the leaders of tomorrow through scholarships from the Latino Generations Endowment Fund, our future is empowered, making a difference one student at a time.


Additional Scholarship Opportunities

The Community Foundation is working on a list of other scholarship opportunities for San Benito County Students.

Timothy Conley Baldwin Leadership Scholarship
Congratulations to our recipient Ricardo Nunez!

Timothy Conley Baldwin STEM Scholarship
Coming Fall 2020