March 5, 2019 | Stories

Two Opportunities for Matching Grant in 2019

Two Opportunities for Matching Grant in 2019

"Moses flashes a victory sign after obtaining a ride in the Miracle Mobile." — Partnership for Children

The Community Foundation for San Benito County is pleased to announce that the first of two Community Impact Matching Grant cycles is now open, and the Grants Committee is accepting applications from nonprofits who serve San Benito County until Friday, April 19, 2019. More information about the grant and other deadlines is available on our website.

The Grants Committee consists of dedicated and knowledgeable residents who are passionate about our community. With a desire to better accommodate the project timelines of nonprofits, the Committee decided to offer two different grant cycles for 2019. The first cycle opened on Friday, February 15, 2019, and the second cycle will open on Friday, August 2, 2019. By having two cycles, nonprofits will be able to apply for funding closer to the start date of their program.

Grants and Project Manager, Salina Chacon, said, “This year’s grant requests for capacity building will receive the highest priority, but the Committee will still consider requests for program funding.” The Community Foundation is working to help nonprofits achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness within the community, and one way to achieve this goal is to provide more capacity building funding.

Progressively, Foundations are beginning to offer more grants for capacity building, an often over-looked internal process that can take on many forms. Examples of projects with capacity building activities include professional development, self-assessments, and collaboration planning. Capacity Building is an investment in the future of a nonprofit, and the Grants Committee feels that these types of activities are an obligation for nonprofits to undertake and excel, as well as donors to support.

The Community Foundation would like to thank the Grants Committee for their time: Richard Bianchi, Paula Bonilla, Alan Clark, Marilyn Ferraro, Geri Johnson, Dohn Larson, Luciano Medeiros, Rebecca Medeiros Wolf, Yvette Papenhausen, Jim Parker, Judy Rodriguez, Allison Rohnert, Susan Schwabacher, Will Sutton, Ramona Trevino, and Gerry Wright. Our regranting work would not be possible without their help.

You can help strengthen a nonprofit’s ability to make a positive impact in our community with a gift to the Sonny Paullus Fund—distribution of a future Community Impact Matching Grant will help them to fulfill their mission.