October 3, 2016 | Stories

The Foundation and Why We Gave

The Foundation and Why We Gave

Donors are the backbone of the Community Foundation. — Stephanie Hicks

Anne and Richard Morris established a relationship with the Community Foundation in 1992 as Founding Benefactors, and the following is an explanation of their desire to support the needs of our community through charitable gifts given to the Community Foundation.

"When we say, Community, we usually think of a large group such as the business community with important common ideas. And when we say, Foundation, we think of the element of a building that penetrates the land and also rises up from that very ground, serving as the base of the structure. These two ideas tell us all we need to know to understand the value of the Community Foundation.

"Founded in 1992 by our twentieth century pioneers, Sonny Paullus, Fernando Gonzalez, and Ed Stephenson, the Foundation grew quietly from the very ground of our county until ten years ago, when it formally invited grant applications from local charitable organizations. Today, with a board of trustees elected from recognized leaders of the county, and through gifts primarily from county residents, as well as the David & Lucille Packard Foundation, the Community Foundation has become a $7 million enterprise.

"While the Foundation continues to advance the goals of those same original charities–now numbering 147–it also supports other county needs that arise from time to time. Perhaps its most ambitious project, with help from the Knight Foundation, is BenitoLink, an online newspaper that serves as an information base for those same 147 charities, as well as everyone else in the county who uses a computer or smart phone!"

Donors are the backbone of the Community Foundation, and we are extremely grateful for the steadfast support received from Anne and Richard Morris. Become a donor, by calling Stephanie Hicks, Director of Development and Outreach, at 831.630.1924.