November 28, 2018 | Stories

New Partnership Enables Residents to be Better Prepared

New Partnership Enables Residents to be Better Prepared

The Community Foundation for San Benito County and the County of San Benito Office of Emergency Services are excited to announce their partnership for a Disaster Preparedness Plan to benefit the residents of San Benito County.  

Our community is susceptible to numerous human-caused or natural disasters that could potentially occur with little or no warning, much like the flooding of Lovers Lane in 2017. After a disaster, the public often feels compelled to provide commodity donations to help those affected by the incident. Experience has shown that these types of donations often hinder disaster response and increase the logistical coordination required for management. In a majority of cases, these donations are not appropriate to meet the needs of disaster victims, are used or unsafe, and are not able to be utilized.

Monetary donations are much more effective at meeting the needs of victims while ensuring disaster response remains efficient. As a result, the Community Foundation has created a Disaster Relief Fund to receive monetary donations and distribute them to the causes and nonprofits that are the most appropriate at the time of an emergency or disaster. The Foundation is providing county residents with an organized and cohesive donation platform ensuring those who are impacted by an emergency can receive specific goods or services that are required.

The Foundation and the County will work together to ensure that disaster response is strategic and effective and that donors will have a local, trusted source to contribute monetary donations. The Office of Emergency Services will prepare the County of San Benito to effectively and efficiently respond to, and recover from, any hazard or threat, as well as provide public education services in advance.

A platform that is available 24/7 will ensure funds are available when the need arises. Please donate today–-it will help someone in need during our next disaster.