May 3, 2022 | Stories

Martin Rajkovich Fund Supports Children Like Eli

Martin Rajkovich Fund Supports Children Like Eli
Eli Garcia having fun during one of his eye therapy sessions.

In May of 2021 the Community Foundation for San Benito County, through the Martin Rajkovich Children’s Fund, awarded funding to services supporting Eli Garcia.

Eli was diagnosed with many physical and visual deficiencies that impact his day-to-day life. Reading, writing, and activities such as riding a bike, have been difficult for him. With the grant from the Martin Rajkovich Fund, Eli is receiving eye therapy to improve his vision and physical therapy to have consistent physical enrichment to improve motor development.

One year after receiving, the grant his mom Veronica Vasquez shared that Eli is currently undergoing his therapies and is showing a great deal of progress. Veronica is extremely thankful for the support and expressed how it’s changing Eli’s life. The improvement in Eli’s vision has boosted his confidence and his motor function. Eli is now happily riding a bike and able to shoot a basketball into a hoop. Eli enjoys going to physical therapy and loves the 1 on 1 attention.

The Community Foundation is very proud of the progress Eli has been making. The therapeutic services provided through the Martin Rajkovich Fund will allow Eli to continue to succeed and thrive in our community and in the world.

The Martin Rajkovich Fund was established to enhance the quality of life for critically or chronically ill children in San Benito County. You can refer a special needs child by filling out the application on our website.

Contributions to the Fund allow us to provide grants to more children. To make a donation click here.