May 19, 2022 | Stories

Congratulations Class of 2022!

Congratulations Class of 2022!

Congratulations to the graduating students from Anzar High School, San Andreas Continuation High School, San Benito High School, and all local San Benito County Schools. The Community Foundation is happy to share in the excitement of their well-deserved success. In support of our many high school graduates and current college students, Community Foundation is very proud to announce 2022 scholarship recipients.

Adam Baxter Memorial Scholarship
Ethan Salcedo, Meaghan Ricker, Susan Diaz

Charlie Presser Memorial Scholarship
Jordan Patino-Bejines, Aaron Gonzalez Arana

Charlotte Cabral Scholarship Fund
Cristian Camacho, Tyler Pacheco, Audrie Casey

Class of 1971 Scholarship
Christian Turner, Mya Perez

Franca Barsi Memorial Scholarship
Ayden Triano

Hollister Rotary Scholarship
Charlotte Meredith, Slater Krokower, Trystan Mumm, Mia Villegas, Naia Traveria-Gonzalo, Samuel Vincent, Brianna Phillips, Isabella Botelho, Caroline Fleming, Nicholas Gutuierez, Eli Holdaway, Frida Barba, Daniel Lopes, Ryen Ortiz, Nicholas Carpenedo

Hope for a Cure Memorial Educational Scholarship
De'Angelo Blair, Mya Perez, Daniel Lopes

Jean Gillaspie Memorial Scholarship – Athlete
Ryen Ortiz

Jean Gillaspie Memorial Scholarship – Business
Emily Delgado

Jean Gillaspie Memorial Scholarship – Nursing
Brian Estrada, Neftaly Medina

Jennie and Henry Solorio Memorial Scholarship Fund
Brian Estrada, Dario Garcia, Melissa Gutierrez, Antonio Lara, Sienna Perez, Breanne Rosas, Abraham Solorio

John L. & Jean M. Barrett Scholarship Fund
Daniel Lopes, Eduardo Lopez, Abraham Solorio

Kelly Freitas Memorial Scholarship
Mya Perez

Kenny Fehlman Memorial Scholarship
Ethan Salcedo, Meaghan Ricker

Klauer Family Young Leader Scholarship
Mia Villegas, Daniel Lopes

Latino Generations Scholarship
Erindida Corona, Susan Diaz, Brian Estrada, Joseph Fata, Antonio Lara, Alexandra Mares, Hector Ochoa, Jesse Preciado

Martha Metzger Fine Arts Scholarship
Frida Barba

Mike & Marie Pera Memorial Scholarship
Clara Taggart

Robert D. Scattini Memorial Scholarship
Frida Barba

Timothy Conley Baldwin Leadership Scholarship
Nicholas Carpenedo

Timothy Conley Baldwin STEAM
Jesse Preciado

William Burton Nichols Memorial Scholarship
Mia Villegas, Brian Estrada

Women's Club of Hollister Scholarship
Meaghan Ricker, Kyleigh McMullen, Mia Villegas, Isabela Botello, Madeline Slater

A thriving community depends on supporting the educational endeavors of future leaders and talented individuals entering the workforce. These scholarships provide students less worry about covering the cost of tuition, books, supplies, and other essentials, in order to focus more on the opportunities in front of them. Since 2006 the Community Foundation has awarded over $500,000 in scholarships to San Benito County students. We are exceptionally grateful to all of our generous donors, without whom this would not be possible.

If you are interested in learning more about the available scholarships, making a donation, or setting up a fund to support higher educational endeavors, visit our website or contact Brenda Weatherly at [email protected]