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Congratulations Class of 2021!

Congratulations Class of 2021!

Congratulations to our graduating students from Anzar High School, San Andreas Continuation High School, San Benito High School, and all local San Benito County Schools. The Community Foundation for San Benito County is happy to share in the excitement of their well-deserved success. Many of these graduates will be transitioning into higher education and beginning their next phase of young adulthood. In support of our many high school graduates and current college students, the Community Foundation is very proud to announce the 2021 Scholarship recipients.

2021 Scholarship Recipients

Adam Baxter Memorial Scholarship

Rayven Bedolla

Charlie Presser Memorial Scholarship

Clay R. Hubbell

Alan Kenji Fajardo Rodriguez

Charlotte Cabral Scholarship Fund

Anthony Mercurio

Austin Salamida

Class of 1971 Scholarship

Max Ramirez Resendiz

Ed Stephenson Memorial Scholarship

Bridget Murphy

Franca Barsi Memorial Scholarship

Antonio Todd

Hollister Rotary Scholarship

Faith Fernandez

Katelyn Sotelo

Anton Borges

Sofia Lemos

Anthony Mercurio

Samantha Logue

Denae Rivera

Julia Hicks

Olivia Madera

Edward Schmidt

Hope for a Cure Memorial Educational Scholarship

Shantel Davis

Miguel Sahagun

Ramon Duran

Kyle Corrigan

Samantha Logue

Jean Gillaspie Memorial Scholarship – Athlete

Ashley Maggiora

Jean Gillaspie Memorial Scholarship – Business

Anthony Mercurio

Jean Gillaspie Memorial Scholarship – Nursing

Careyla Acosta

Magaly Del Rio

John L. & Jean M. Barrett Scholarship Fund

Clay Hubbell

Tyler Kashiwagi

John L Sander Memorial Scholarship

Citlalli Solorio Villa

Kelly Freitas Memorial Scholarship

Emily Drost

Kenny Fehlman Memorial Scholarship

Kimberly Archuletta

Klauer Family Young Leader Scholarship

Faith Fernandez

Katelyn Sotelo

Julia Hicks

Latino Generations Scholarship

Anton Borges

Daniela Contreras

Karla Gonzalez

Angelica Lara

Karla Lanuza

Nayeli Guzman

Camilla Aguilar

Gloria Ramirez

Dennys Lopez Vega

Adrianna Perez

Ivete Robledo

Jennifer Sanchez-Paredaz

Careyla Acosta

Leslie Perez

Martha Metzger Fine Arts Scholarship

Juanluis Abonce

Mike & Marie Pera Memorial Scholarship

Taryn Wright

Timothy Conley Baldwin Leadership Scholarship

Anton Borges

Timothy Conley Baldwin STEAM

Jaya Waller

William Burton Nichols Memorial Scholarship

Magaly Del Rio

Women's Club of Hollister Scholarship

Colby Robinson

Faith Fernandez

Samantha Logue

Katelyn Sotelo

Denae Rivera

Gary And Citalli 2021
Gary and 2021 Scholarship recipient Citlalli

Making the transition to higher education has become increasingly expensive over the years. Understanding this reality the Foundation, in partnership with our community donors, donor involved funds and scholarship funds held at the foundation has made significant efforts towards investing in the higher education of our County students. If you are interested in setting up a scholarship in memory of or in honor of a loved one, we are here to help. To learn more about our scholarships, see the timeline for next year, or setting up a fund to support higher educational endeavors, visit our scholarships page.

By providing scholarships, we can influence greater success in college, support deserving students with the means to succeed, and give back to our community. Since our very first scholarship in 2006, we have awarded over $400,000 to 298 scholarship recipients. We are exceptionally grateful to all of our very generous donors, without whom this would not be possible.

Congratulations to our community, our schools, our teachers, our students and their parents.