October 29, 2017 | Stories

Babe Ruth Ball Park - Arson Fire Update

Babe Ruth Ball Park - Arson Fire Update

On a brisk October morning, the Community Foundation met up with Greg Lopez (President) and Scott Freund (Vice President) of the San Benito Babe Ruth League. The aftermath of an arson fire that occurred late September left traces of despair for both men. After the damages were assessed, Lopez shared that the restoration of the ball park would cost $50,000 and most importantly, prevent kids in San Benito County from playing ball in the fall season. “If we are not capable of restoring what we lost in the fire by January 2018, we’ll have to cancel spring season”, said Lopez. The arson fire damaged three major components: field lighting, electrical distribution, and bleachers.

 Through the help of LeeAnna Brothers, the league created the Babe Ruth Restoration (BBR) Fund at the Community Foundation for San Benito County which allows locals to help aid the cause. Instinctively, the Babe Ruth nonprofit organization thought GoFundMe.com was the best way to gain financial support, but after learning that the Community Foundation serves a similar purpose with greater security, the league shifted gears. Lopez said while holding a warm cup of coffee, “I had no idea an organization like this existed in the county. For me it’s about security and peace of mind, with the Foundation I know I can call Gary Byrne or Curt Mead and have any question answered instantly.”

With the support of local businesses like Extreme Air, Arrowcopter, and RJR Recycling, the BRR Fund matches dollar for dollar up to $3,000. Lopez and Freund are grateful for all the support the community has shown, Lopez said, “It’s incredible! We’ve raised close to $7,000 and the amount of support continues to increase.”

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“Please consider supporting the Babe Ruth Restoration Fund and help us continue to provide a baseball program for young adults in our community. Together we can get our players back on the field by spring.” said Lopez.

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