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2024 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the graduating students from Anzar High School, Hollister High School, San Andreas Continuation High School, and all local San Benito County Schools. The Community Foundation for San Benito County proudly celebrates each student’s well-deserved success. We are thrilled to announce the 2024 scholarship recipients, supporting both high school graduates as well as current college students:

Anna Dolores Perry Nursing Scholarship: Frida Chavarin-Lara, Chloe Maxey

Barragan Family Scholarship: Belen Garcia, Diego Arenas

Charlotte Cabral Scholarship Fund: Ashlee Aguillon, Erik Ramos

Class of 1971 Scholarship: Alexsandra Ceballos

Class of 1977 Emilee Daves Memorial Art Scholarship: Julia Magdei, Kendra Melching, Bryssa Martinez, Ivan Carmona, Erik Ramos, Matthew Duran

Class of 1977 Hospitality/Culinary Arts Scholarship: Lilia Royston

Elma Lesnini Burke Memorial Scholarship: Anahi Martinez-Nunez

Franca Barsi Memorial Scholarship: Mathea Hall

Hollister Rotary Scholarship: Anne Fleming, Lucas Fowler, Grace Sugiura, Maya Rosette, Estevan Rodriguez, Megan Current, Kendra Melching, Noah Ramirez, Jade Ramirez, Alexandra Favela, Ariana Rodriguez-Birruete, Julia Magdei, Erik Ramos, Bryan Lopez Ramirez, Izel Prieto, Ivan Carmona, Brenna McElroy, Kimberly Ruiz, Justin Lawson, Kiannah Pulido, Frida Chavarin-Lara, Jamielyn Polk, Vanessa Benitez, Conner Camacho, Hanna Perez, Bailey Cotter, Piper Pierson, Jade Hosaka, Luzianna Espinoza

Hope for a Cure Memorial Educational Scholarship: Mariah Arellano, Keirra Monique Allivato, Chloe Maxey

Jean Gillaspie Memorial Scholarship – Athlete: Emma Gutierrez

Jean Gillaspie Memorial Scholarship – Business: Isabella Scaglione, Ashlee Aguillon

Jean Gillaspie Memorial Scholarship – Nursing: Chloe Maxey

Jennie and Henry Solorio Memorial Scholarship: Belen Garcia, Carmen Ramirez-Ramirez, Kimberly Ruiz, Valerie Vargas, Melissa Estrada, Amie Rodriguez, Gissel Serafin, Elisabet Trinidad

John L. & Jean M. Barrett Scholarship Fund: Melissa Estrada, Estrella Solorio, Isabela Anderson, Brenna McElroy, Izel Prieto

Kelly Freitas Memorial Scholarship: Cailee Crandall

Kenny Fehlman Memorial Scholarship: Samantha Andrijeski

Klauer Family Young Leader Scholarship: Maya Rosette, Izel Prieto

Latino Generations Scholarship: Alexa Marie Flores, Alexandra Ceballos, Emmanuel Juarez, Carmen Ramirez-Ramirez, Heidi Rivera, Alondra Medina, Bryan Huipe-Ramos, Kay Lee Silva, Sarahi Andrade, Gabriela M. Romero

Marilyn & Richard Ferreira Scholarship: Mia Phillips

Martha Metzger Fine Arts Scholarship: Julia Magdei

Matt Lopez Memorial Scholarship: Julia Magdei, Natalie Villegas

Mike & Marie Pera Memorial Scholarship: Blake Abercrombie, Anabel Yerena, Erik Ramos

Robert D. Scattini Memorial Scholarship: Anabel Yerena

Ruben and Frances Cantu Scholarship: Carmen Ramirez-Ramirez, Emiliano Alvarez

Steve and Sally Bryan Scholarship: Carmen Ramirez, Isabella Anderson, Bryan Lopez Ramirez, Elizabet Trinidad

Timothy Conley Baldwin Leadership Scholarship: Frida Chavarin-Lara

Timothy Conley Baldwin STEAM Scholarship: Bryan Diaz Valdez

Women in Engineering Scholarship: Jimena Heredia

Women's Club of Hollister Scholarship: Isabela Anderson, Izel Prieto, Jamie Polk, Maya Rosette, Julia Magdei

Investing in the education of our youth means investing in the future leaders of our community. These scholarships help cover the costs of tuition, books, supplies, and other essentials, allowing these students to focus on the opportunities ahead. Since 2006, the Community Foundation has awarded over $800,000 in scholarships to students in San Benito County. This achievement is made possible by our generous donors, to whom we are deeply grateful.

To learn more about available scholarships, to donate, or to set up a fund to support higher education, please visit our website at GiveSanBenito.org, or contact Tracy Taggart at [email protected].

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