Donor-Advised Funds

A donor advised fund can be established by a committee, corporation, educational institution, family, or organization. The purpose of these funds is to make distributions from the fund to benefit one or several nonprofit organizations. Determination of the grants from these funds are made by the fund advisors.

These funds can be set up as permanently endowed, in which the corpus of the fund is protected in perpetuity and the interest earned is available for grant making; or as a nonpermanent endowment, in which the entire balance in the fund is expendable for granting purposes. Both of these types of funds earn interest from being invested as part of the entire Community Foundation investment portfolio to earn the maximum yield, and increase the value of the fund over time.

The tax benefit gained by the establishment of a donor advised fund can be substantial. Please contact your tax professional and/ or financial advisor for information on how such a fund may benefit you.

List of Donor-Advised Fund


-Canyon SAFE Fund

-Community Grants Endowment Fund

-Hope Harvest Festival Fund

-Rotary Mattson Charitable Giving Fund

-San Benito County Athletic Foundation Fund

-San Juan Batista Foundation Fund


-San Benito Engineering & Surveying Charitable Fund

-Teknova Philanthropic Fund


-Aromas-San Juan Bautista Community Schools Foundation Fund

-Baler Athletics Fund

-Baler Education Foundation Fund

-E-Cubed Foundation Fund

-Friends of Southside School Fund

-Hollister Montessori School

-Sacred Heart School Endowment

-San Benito High School Athletic Department Fund

-Southside School Endowment Fund


-Caregivers Program Fund

-CASA of SBC Endowment Fund

-CSDC Endowment Fund

-Downtown Endowment Fund

-Emmaus House Endowment Fund

-Gabilan Chapter Kinship Center Endowment Fund

-Girl Scouts of SBC

-Friends of SBC Free Library Fund

-Hollister FFA Ag Boosters Endowment

-Hollister Rotary Club Endowment

-Hollister Tremors

-Youth Alliance

-San Benito Agricultural Land Trust —Public Endowment

-NPWRC Endowment Fund

-Pet Friends Endowment

-Pinnacles Partnership

-REACH San Benito Parks Foundation Endowment

-San Benito Arts Council Endowment

-San Benito Stage Company Endowment Fund

-YMCA of SBC Endowment Fund

-United Way of SBC

Family Funds

Family funds are donor-advised funds that serve to further a families philanthropic goals, while also establishing a legacy of generosity for the family’s name in the community. A family fund provides a great opportunity to support favorite causes, support specific charities or areas of interest, with the flexibility and freedom to change nonprofits supported annually, if desired. Family fund advisors can choose to give locally, regionally, or globally. Family funds can be established as part of an estate plan, as a means to teach family members about the importance of giving by including them in the decision making process, or as a way to manage excess financial gains that may cause undesirable tax implications

List of Family Funds

-Land, Water, Life Fund

-Alexander Mottau Memorial Fund

-AMR Family Fund

-Bennett/Klein Family Fund

-Bianchi Family Heritage Endowment

-Bob and Bev Stratton Family Fund

-Bob and Kathy Tiffany Family Fund

-Brigantino Family Fund

-Calhoun/Christiano Family Fund

-Catherine Fund

-Ceja-Guardado Family Fund

-Clark Family Fund

-Connie O’Connor Education Fund

-Dabo Family Fund

-David and Gerry Wright Fund

-Dilyse Family Fund

-Dohn and Mary Larson Family Fund

-Domingues Family Fund

-Fernando Gonzalez Family Fund

-Filice Family Fund

-Fortino Family Fund

-Gabriel Family Fund

-George Lewis Family Fund

-Gillaspie Family Fund

-Graham and Cynthia Mackie Family Fund

-Hoyle Family Fund

-Hughes Family Fund

-Kingman Family Fund

-John and Donna Sander Endowment Fund

-Martha B. Schwabacher Family Fund

-Marilyn and Richard Ferreira Family Fund

-McCullough Family Fund

-Morris Family Fund

-Palmtag Family Fund

-Randy and Rebecca Wolf Family Fund

-Rose Family Fund

-Steiger Family Fund

-Stephenson Family Fund

-Steve and Sally Bryan Fund

-Joseph W. Tripiano Charitable Trust

-Tiffany Family Fund

-Tom Walerius Chartitable Fund