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Community Impact Matching Grant Application

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Application dates for the 2021 Grant Cycle have not been determined at this time.

Check for information to be delivered to nonprofits by email and posted on our Facebook page in March 2021.

Matching Grant Consideration

Proposals of Capacity Building Grants will be given highest priority followed by grants for specific projects in the following Fields of Interest:

  • Agriculture Preservation - Supporting programs which sustain our robust farmland, and promoting our agriculture community
  • Environment - Supporting programs which promote the best environmental practices for the well-being of our community
  • Arts & Culture - Supporting new and traditional forms of visual and performing arts through education and experience
  • Community Enhancement - Providing an enduring impact through the civic and historical aspects of community life
  • Economic Development - Supporting projects and initiatives that lead to economic growth and prosperity for the community
  • Education & Youth - Supporting programs which enhance learning and impact knowledge, skills, and attitudes
  • Health & Social Services - Improving health and providing for basic needs and social service programs

All Matching Grant Applications accepted will be fairly evaluated and ranked based upon the most effective use of grant resources with emphasis on community impact, financial leverage, collaboration, and sustainability.

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