San Benito GIVES 2020

Better Lives Through Giving

San Benito GIVES Community Auction
The Community Foundation for San Benito County is pleased to announce it will be hosting a county-wide online auction to benefit nonprofits and service organizations in San Benito County. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of nonprofits have had to cancel or scale back their traditional fundraisers. To provide assistance, the Community Foundation has chosen to replace its annual San Benito Gives day of giving event with a 5-day online auction, called San Benito Gives Community Auction, taking place November 13 through November 17th this fall.

This auction is intended to provide donors the opportunity to support their favorite San Benito County organizations in a fun and health-conscience way. Community members and constituents wishing to partake in the auction can register as bidders on the auction website, where they can view then bid on packages and items.

Questions and concerns from interested nonprofits can be directed to Brenda Weatherly, Director of Donor & Community Services, [email protected].


Save the date

Nonprofits and bidders save the date November 13-17 for the Community Foundation Online Auction!