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More on our community nonprofits awarded with the COVID-19 Relief Grant

More on our community nonprofits awarded with the COVID-19 Relief Grant

Our community nonprofits received the COVID-19 Relief Grant because of supporters like you; we thank you for your support and trust. Furthermore, we would like to thank the nonprofits who have to lead the way during this unprecedented time. The Community Foundation for San Benito County (CFFSBC) and United Way of San Benito County, are grateful to provide COVID-19 Relief Grants to our local nonprofits. Here we present to you more instances where local nonprofits continue to provide services to keep our community moving forward.

St Francis Retreat
For the first time in St. Francis Retreat nonprofit history, COVID-19 forced a downscale in employees. The COVID-19 Relief Grant allowed the operating of St. Francis Retreat to continue throughout 2020. The limited five part-time employees rescheduled all 2020 events to 2021 along with coordinating an appeal letter to donors of which there was a 30% increase from the previous year.

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“Thank you and the Community Foundation for helping us weather this difficult time." — Edward de Groot, St Francis Retreat

Practical Needs Recipient

Hollister Pregnancy Center
The Hollister Pregnancy Center nonprofit provides for expecting and recent mothers. In the light of the COVID-19 Relief Grant, the Center has supplied struggling mothers with cases of formula and diapers. Additionally, Hollister Pregnancy Center clients receive anti-stress packages; all materials were possible because of the Grant. The COVID-19 Grant gave the Center’s staff plenty of PPE, including hands-free soap dispensers to help them continue helping their clients. The Grant also helped establish a paperless check-in with the introduction of tablets.

Comfort Packet

“We are very thankful for the Grant and for everything that we have been able to give our clients” — Brigette Blair, CEO, Hollister Pregnancy Center

Girls, Inc.
Girls, Inc. nonprofit continues to serve young women in our community focusing on alleviating peer pressure and supporting young women. All programs by Girls, Inc. nonprofit continued because of the COVID-19 Relief Grant through zoom with 57 participants. Participants consist of 22 high schoolers, 20 8th-graders, and 15 7th grader. Participants focus on leadership and substance abuse prevention. Additionally, Girls, Inc. nonprofit plans to have 4th and 5th-grade sessions coming soon.

The high school team includes two mentors and at the middle school, level there is a staff member that oversees the program.

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“We have received so much support from parents and families; they have been open to mental health, counseling and spending time with the participants (the young women) in the program” — Patty Fernandez

Community Solutions
Community Solutions nonprofit’s COVID-19 Relief Grant focuses on clients that are primarily survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, victims of other crimes, and participants in their violence prevention programs.

Of all their clients, three particular stories stand out. First, a mother lost her job due to COVID-19 layoffs and she was unable to pay for home water and electricity bills. To complicate life more, the mother was not able to return to a job because the education of her children depended on online schooling. Second, a mother received rental support after she lost her husband and had her hours reduced at work due to COVID-19. Lastly, but not least, an uninsured received help paying for the medical fees related to COVID-19. All these mothers, along with similar clients received financial support thanks to the COVID-19 Relief Grant.

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