July 5, 2022 | Stories

Hope Harvest Fund Grants to Young Cancer Warrior

Hope Harvest Fund Grants to Young Cancer Warrior
Ezekiel Magana is the first grant recipient of the Hope Harvest Fund

The Hope Harvest Fund was opened just a year ago at the Community Foundation and the fund has already given out its first grant to a deserving young child and his family. Hope Harvest Fund was established to provide financial assistance to local cancer warriors. Financial assistance can be used for mortgage/rent, utilities, childcare, food, and/or gas.

Ezekiel was diagnosed with retinoblastoma (cancer in the retina) when he was only 2 years old. Ezekiel has poor to no vision in his right eye and his specialists have suggested that the eye be removed this summer. His left eye is completely healthy with no cancer detected, which allows him to keep up with his family and friends. He participates in sports and does not let his compromised vision or diagnosis slow him down. He is a happy child who is full of energy and brings a smile to everyone who knows him.

In addition to his cancer diagnosis, Ezekiel and his family have been faced with many obstacles recently. Ezekiel’s father was in a motorcycle accident that left both of his legs broken and therefore unable to work, and the house they rent is now up for sale and they have been forced to find another rental that accommodates their family. The grant from Hope Harvest has helped ease the financial stress so they may concentrate on the needs of Ezekiel’s health. Ezekiel’s family is truly grateful for the Hope Harvest Grant.