February 7, 2017 | Stories

Four Year Journey at Chico State

Four Year Journey at Chico State

"To say I am honored to be the first recipient of the Kelly Freitas Memorial Scholarship is an understatement." — Isabella Diaz

Hello Everyone!

For starters I want to say thank you for choosing me as the very first recipient of the Kelly Marie Freitas (KMF) Memorial Scholarship. The KMF scholarship, the volunteers, and the supporters have all helped to provide me with financial and emotional support as well as encouragement these past four years.

I began my four-year journey in August of 2013 at Chico State where I declared a major in Social Work and a minor in International Relations; I will be receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work in May of 2017 and I will finish my minor the Fall of 2017. I have been blessed with many opportunities and experiences during my time at Chico State. My first two years in Chico I volunteered for an organization called CAVE where I was afforded the opportunity to help at an elementary school and a homeless shelter. I currently intern at a charter school in Chico and serve as an assistant to the School Counselor. One of my main responsibilities is to help organize and facilitate this year’s anti-bullying “greatness groups” for first grade through eighth grade.

My most unforgettable endeavor took place this past summer of 2016. I had the incredible fortune of working for an organization called Camp Adventure. Through Camp Adventure, I was placed in Naples, Italy where I worked as a summer camp counselor for children of US Navy families. I had the time of my life! I made lifelong friends from around the country, and I was able to travel and help others which has become my life’s passion. While in Italy, I also got to visit Paris and Barcelona; it was amazing! My experience was greater than I ever imagined it would be, and as a result, I am now researching the possibility of a career abroad.

To say I am honored to be the first recipient of the KMF Scholarship is an understatement; I am humbled, but at the same time, I am proud that I was able to be part of the movement in keeping Kelly’s memory alive. I want to thank Manny Freitas, Carla Thorning, and the Alvernaz Family for staying in touch over the years and for being so supportive. I am extremely grateful to everyone who has given their time and support to this incredibly generous scholarship.

As I continue my work of helping others, I hope that I will someday be able to extend, to someone else, the same grace and blessings that has been extended to me.

With sincere appreciation,
Isabella Diaz