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Changing the way the community feels about hunger

Changing the way the community feels about hunger

The Food Bank got a shiny facelift complete with new refrigerators and paint, and it's ready to fight hunger in a whole new way. Mark Paxton, Engagement and Fund Development Director, was more than eager to showcase the Community Food Bank of San Benito County’s renovated building. At the start of the walkthrough, Paxton told Raul Ceja, our Digital Media Specialist, “A dignified shopping experience is only the beginning. Our efforts go far beyond hunger. I’ll show you what I mean by that…”

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 Over the past two years, the Food Bank has focused on purchasing and renovating their existing building. Simultaneously, they recognized a need to change their food distribution model. With the help of generous donors, partners, and community residents the Food Bank at 1133 San Felipe Dr. in Hollister embarked on an endeavor to become self-sustaining and provide those in need with meaningful social interactions.

The adoption of the marketplace model provides residents an opportunity to feel valued, respected, and empowered. The Food Bank aims to do more than just fill a need. The marketplace allows individuals to shop for their food openly for their family. Before this, the Food Bank would package bags of food that contained the same items and distributed them on a weekly basis. Now, the marketplace allows people to grab whatever they need for the week, seamlessly creating social circles of healthy food and resources.  

The Food Bank’s efforts don’t stop there. In 2018, the organization will attempt to set in motion a mobile marketplace. Paxton said residents will be able to pick and choose the food they need for the week outside of their own home. The Food Bank’s innovate efforts in shifting the food model attempts to transform lives by creating a compassionate society among all communities

“We’re about 90% complete with the renovation of our building. This is only the beginning of something new, fresh, and exciting in our county,” he said.  

To stay connected with the Community Food Bank of San Benito County, visit their News & Announcements webpage.


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