Friends of the Community Foundation

Enabling everyone to experience the joy of giving

The Friends of the Community Foundation program enables people from all walks of life to come together and express their commitment to our community. Their generous contributions help grow carefully managed endowments that provide resources to meet the needs of San Benito County.  

By becoming a Friend of the Foundation, you’ll join others in building a permanent legacy for the future of San Benito County. Every year, your support will benefit local nonprofit organizations through grants given by the Community Foundation. Friends of the Community Foundation receive an annual newsletter and an invitation to a special yearly event.


Fields of Interest

As a Friend of the Foundation, one hundred percent (100%) of your annual contribution goes directly to your field of interest.

  • Agriculture Preservation
  • Environment
  • Arts & Culture
  • Community Enhancement
  • Economic Development
  • Education & Youth
  • Health & Social Services
Become a Friend

Help Build a Permanent Legacy

Become a Friend  by contributing just $35. Even kids can join! For $5.00, children under 18 years of age can become a Friend of the Foundation, benefiting other children of San Benito County. This is a great way start your child on the path of community awareness and giving to the needs of others. Your child's donation directly affects a child's/children's special need in our county and they will be informed about what’s been accomplished with their donation.

Two Easy Ways to Become a Friend

Making a Difference

Our Heartfelt Thanks to This Year’s Friends

Ernest and Mary Lou Andrade

Paul and Mary Lou Armbruster

Jack and Luzviminda Bachofer

Joanne Barker

Ed and Margie Barrios

Bob and Crystel Bianchi

Lanetta Bishop

Bill and Carol Blake

Bob Bouchard

John and Tina Bourdet

Martin and Rhoda Bress

Ralph and Mary Ellen Brigantino

Dave and Dixie Brigantino

Harriet Brin

Montie and Kathy Bryan

Gordon and Margaret Byers

Gary and Ria Byrne

Steve and Cheryl Calhoun

Mike and Susan Carroll

Heibar Castaneda

Mark and Elisabeth Chandler

Kent Child and Kathleen Sheridan

Gary and Linda Churchill

Charlie and Pat Cincone

Jill Clark-Kunich

Doug Clark

Coke Farm

Mike and Colleen Conley

Gerald and Diana Cooley

Dean and Bunny Croft

Martha Crum

Jonelle Cruz

Jenna Cruz

Frank and Veronica Culler

Jane Dabo Cruz

Ron and Joan Domingues

Janet Dunn

Bruce and Althea Dunning

Brian and Susan Farney

Jim and Maria Fehl

Paul and Carol Feisthamel

Clarice Felice

Kay Filice

Gary and Julie Filizetti

Wes and Sharon Finley

Craig and Rochelle Fischer

Vaughn Franklin

John and Liz Freiermuth

Denice Gandaria

Fernando Gonzalez

Mike and Bette Grace

Lenore Hailstone

Sarah Herbert

Kevin and Stephanie Hicks

Shirley Horn

Philip and Carla Hudner

Aaron and Sandy Hughes

Bill and Sue Anne James

Paula Jean

Kathy Johnson

Shirley Kennedy

Ramona Koch

Ken and Elaine Kovanda

Kurt and Mary Margaret Lanning

Dohn and Mary Larson

J.W. Larson

Teresa Lavagnino

Brian and Robin Lucas

Graham and Cindy Mackie

Ron and Kathy Manthey

Emily Manthey

Ron and Jill Martin

Norma Martinetti

Jeff and Patty Mauerman

Eileen McCullough

Kathryn McTigue

Beverley Meamber

Gary Miller

Robert and Dana Mills

Kate Modic

Richard and Anne Morris

Joseph and Julie Morris

Bill and Sandy Moton

Marchel and Madeline Nelson

Stephen and Leanne Nishita

Chuck and Aggie Obeso-Bradley

Joyce Ottoboni

Jim and Barbara Pacheco

Fred and Valerie Pagaran

Robert and Sandra Petersen

Jim and Flo Pleyte

Michal Query

Briahna Ritchea

John Robrock and Jennifer Coile

Tom and Persis Rooth

Tom Rooth

Janis Rose

John and Dottie Rose

Ron Ross and Mary Hubbell

Olga Schipper

Franz and Mary Schneider

Martha Schwabacher

Keith Schwehr

Paul and Abby Silva

Larry and Karen Smith

Joe and Jackie Smith

Gloria Souza

Jayme Stewart

Bob Stratton

Gifford and Maureen Swanson

John and Liz Talbot

Steve and Sonya Taylor

Gary and Sheri Taylor

John and Marian Tobias

John and Janice Travis

Wendy Tyler

Charrise Tyson

Juli Vieira

Vista Notes

Mark and Annette Vivian

Theodore Vucenich

Nancy Wilcox

James Winder

Randy and Rebecca Wolf

Cameron Wright

Daniel Wright and Denise Cauthen-Wright

Allene Zanger